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Elevated skin temperature detection


Break the chain of contagion

Identify potential virus carriers

The ability to identify potential virus carriers is key to breaking the chain of contagion — especially in crowded spaces. Monitoring elevated skin temperatures can help detect potentially infected people, enabling proactive measures to prevent any spread.

Obtain critical information

Thermal camera screening can save a lot of time by quickly revealing when individuals may be infected. No-contact infrared thermometers or thermal imaging cameras can help transportation companies and staff obtain critical information during outbreaks.

Screen with minimal disruption

This technology enables you to screen large crowds quickly and efficiently and with minimum contact or intrusion. Crucially, this can be done without causing congestion or other hold-ups. Plus, being no-contact ensures travelers don’t feel hassled.

Elevated skin temperature detection in practice

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Screen large crowds

Monitor skin temperature on up to 100 people in minutes within a temperature margin of +/- 0.3 degree C..

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Enable comfortable travel

No-contact thermal screening is a no-hassle option. The vast majority of travelers won’t be obstructed in any way.

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Be aware

Thermal cameras only indicate that skin temperature is abnormally high, which is not necessarily an infection symptom.