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Pelco Products

Put your business in focus and protect people, premises and property with confidence with Pelco's broad range of high quality video security products.

All Pelco products provide an intuitive user interface and robust capabilities that your challenging environment demands. Leverage our broad range of high quality, IP video security products and systems complemented with great customer support and service to meet your video surveillance needs consistently and with confidence.


Video Management Systems

Enable, empower and support you with scalable solutions for any application.


Network Cameras 

Maximum coverage and allow you to capture and record in all lighting and weather conditions.



Designed to complement Pelco VMSs and cameras to provide you with a complete, unified and integrated video solution

Pelco Product Offerings


Enterprise Video Management Systems

Pelco has evolved our VMS platform to enable, empower and support our customers with a new solution for any application. The foundation of the portfolio is the recently introduced VideoXpert video management system, whose intuitive design gives security professionals exactly what they have been looking for: the video information they need, the moment they need it so that they can make timely decisions and take decisive action.

So whether you are looking for an entry-level system or one that can support tens of thousands of cameras across multiple continents, Pelco has a solution that will fit your needs - all backed by an unparalleled level of support.

Imaging Solutions with Greater Vision

For Any Application, Any Lighting Condition, Any Environment

  • Robust line of IP cameras — fixed, panoramic, fish-eye, pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) and specialty models
  • Our full analytics suite detects and alerts you to motion, direction of motion, loitering, object removal, or attempts to sabotage the camera that enable an operator to quickly focus on threats.
  • A user experience in Video display that puts you into the scene
  • Integration with Pelco & third-party video management systems

Pelco Video Analytics

VideoXpert Plates is an automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) system for capturing and detecting vehicle plates.

Pelco’s Advanced Analytics Suite is our most cutting-edge analytics technology, leveraging algorithms powered by deep learning technology coupled with intelligence at the core – reducing operational costs, mitigating risks and delivering the compliance needed for your business.

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